Will Can Ditch Death, Will Can Win Life : Corona Chronicle #34

Every mother smiles and cries after the pain of giving birth when she sees her baby for the first time.

She was also smiling and looking at her baby girl.

She was lying under the tree and looking at her new born while they were resting.

The happy parts of the story come to an end here and the sad parts begin.

She was a migrant worker in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

She was walking back to her hometown like lakhs of other migrant workers.

Their working place was shut due to the coronavirus lockdown.

They wanted to go home to their village but couldn’t get a train and so started their journey on foot.

When they started their journey, she was 8 and a half month pregnant.

There were a dozen more people with her.

They had walked for almost 500 kilometres and reached Lalitpur.

Their bodies started giving up and so they decided to take rest and make some food for themselves.

 They found some shade under a big tree and sat there.

Suddenly, she started having labour pains and the medical facilities were out of thought.

All the ladies in the group and her husband helped her and she delivered a baby girl.

She had to give birth under a tree because she did not reach her village in time.

Soon the word spread around the village where they had to stop for rest.

The name of the village was Balabheat.

When the head of the village heard about the incident, he asked a medical team from the primary health care near by to go and check on the lady and her baby.

The team provided them with the medical facilities the lady lacked while giving birth.

The mother and her newborn daughter were then taken to the hospital for proper care and rest.

When they felt that they were strong enough, they were both discharged from the hospital.

After this, they even arranged for an ambulance for the mother and her daughter to complete their journey back home.

She was very thankful to the head of the village.

Will can ditch death, will can win life.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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