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For a writer, finding the right publisher is most tedious and difficult task. The entire process can drain out your huge chunk of time, efforts and money.

The Seal Of Trust

After painstakingly crafting your manuscript spending huge time and money, give it the special treatment it deserves. Literary authors like you need all the possible support to publish a book in a quick, easy and affordable way.

Do not find a publisher now. Publish your own work. We’ve got it for you.

Take your literary work to new heights with a self–publishing company The India Ink, which gives you both, the flexibility of choosing services to fit your needs, and the ease to publish first editions the way you want.

Our mission for the New Author is to help you navigate through the self–publishing world with no worries and difficulties. We will provide you with a publishing services that offers high-quality publishing, editorial, design and book marketing services.

Print is KING

People connect emotionally with something printed that they can hold in their hands.

People spend longer time to read a piece of paper or a magazine or a book then a piece they read on a screen.

People share the printed material in different ways and manner. They keep it in the shelf, if they feel it is special or very useful for them.

Using a beautiful piece of printed book or stationery can help you shift your friends, readers, relatives and family member’s perceptions, their emotions and then behavior towards you.

If you agree, join us today. Need to pick up your handset and dial the expert of The India Ink for support and quote.

The Job

We produce print & digital books, magazines, reports, e-newsletters, websites & marketing collateral for individuals, corporates, organisations and the NGOs. We have the expertise to respond to different communications challenges with flexibility, innovation and flair.

It’s ingrained in our company culture to produce work on time and to budget – but that’s just the start.

We pride ourselves on our precision, creativity and passion. We aim to amaze our clients – after all, their names and brands are on all the material we produce.

Contract Publishing

At Contract Publishing, we work with independent authors and publishers and helping them maximise impact from their publishing activities.

We have expertise in innovative publishing and communication solutions across print and digital platforms. With the knowledge in specialized categories, we help ensure your content is delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

We know how time-consuming it can be for authors to manage print publishing processes effectively, and the difficulties they face in trying to find the right publisher to simply publish their work. We offer the perfect solution to this issue by providing genuine, impartial advice and delivering a stress-free alternative to self-managing all your publishing needs.

When we work with publishing. we become an integral part of the project, working together to deliver a perfect book and TO MAKE MONEY by this endeavor.

We offer very cost effective, quality, innovative designs and services.


Our team of designers produces printed and digital pages, annual reports, brochures, marketing material, coffee table books etc. We can offer you a creative design solution to meet the needs of your audiences.

When we are designing for print or web, we remember the old adage that ‘CONTENT IS KING’.

We make sure your message shapes all our design.

You have to choose the right media for audiences, and be sure the quality of our designs will always endure.

Support For

Books & Coffee Table books

  • Editing content
  • Rewriting the content
  • Proofreading
  • Designing
  • Printing
  • Page making / Layouts
  • Composing
  • Sketches / Photographs
  • Cover page / Back page design
  • Promotion design – Text, Flyers, Video
  • Book mockups – High Res, 5 designs, eBook, Print book, Audio book – single and combination
  • ISBN services for eBook, Paperback, Hardbound books

Get Published in 4 Steps

Yes, Only 4 stages. No hassle workflow.

Step 1

Talk to your consultant and submit your book in digital form for a review. If you have no soft copy, no need to worry. Just send us the manuscript. No, not handwritten manuscript, a set of zerox only. We never accept original handwritten manuscripts. And yes, we assure your work is in safe hands and no one can get an access to it before publication. 

Step 2

Once your manuscript is approved, you can choose one of our publishing packages that suits your goals and budgets. You can take help from our publishing consultants to customize your publishing package to better suit your needs and ideas.

Step 3

Your project manager then takes over your publishing process to help you work with our editors, designers and pricing experts to publish a book as per the package chosen by you.

Step 4

After your book is ready, we will ship it to your home or address given by you. If you want, our distribution team takes over to ensure the availability of your book across our partner stores in both print and eBook. Our support team will help you to keep track of sales and make sure you receive the money on time.

Copyright Support

Good writing is not only works these days. You need to protect your work of words too from plagiarists. We will support you to get your work copyright under the Indian laws and system. This is a must for all authors.

Your work is fully protected under the Copyright Law and entire work is safe once it is clear by the authorities. 

No issues, your work is in which language, English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujrati… may be in Urdu or any Indian regional language. We will assist you to protect it under the Intellectual Properties laws.

Our legal team based in Mumbai and Delhi, is ready to support in this matter any time.  You need to contact our advisors and sit peacefully, they will do the rest and deliver you the legal documents once legal process is over.

The Team

Yes! It’s a team game.

We are a strong team of senior print and design industry professionals & press man to media sales persons. We are the agency that is shaped and driven by highest professional and journalistic standards.

While most of our work is carried out in-house by our team, we are supported by a network of good freelancers – editors, journalists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, web programmers and other experts – so we can always deliver the great job.

If you’re comfortable with a highly professional, yet relaxed and informal approach, then you’ll enjoy working with The India Ink and it’s professionals. You will not get a very satisfactory results but a new family too, on which you can rely for years.


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