Humanity Is Like An Ocean Made By Drops Like Him : Corona Chronicle #054

He was seen sprinting on the platform.

He had his service holder in one hand and the milk pouch in another hand.

He was a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable.

He was on duty on the Bhopal Station.

When the Shramik Special Train entered Bhopal station, he was making announcements.

He made an announcement asking the passengers not to wander outside on the platform getting out of the Belgaum – Gorakhpur Shramik Special train.

A woman made a special request.

The lady, Sharif Hashmi requested the RPF constable to arrange milk for her four month old baby.

The baby was hungry and its cries could be heard echoing all around the train.

She said she was trying to get milk for her child from Belgaum but no one was able to help her.

The RPF constable asked her to wait for two minutes.

He realised that there was a kiosk just outside the railway station.

He ran outside to get some milk for her child.

He paid for the milk pouch and sprinted back towards the train.

When he reached back to the platform, he saw that the train had already started and was picking up speed.

He started sprinting along the train.

He finally reached the window and handed over the milk pouch to the lady.

She was so thankful for his great act.

She shouted from inside the train saying that he was a true hero.

He was confident and never thought that he won’t be able to hand over the milk pouch.

He did an exemplary deed.

The video of the constable has been winning praises and even a cash reward.

His name is Inder Singh Yadav and 33 years old.

Humanity is like an ocean made by drops like him.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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