In service of the Lord of universe and not the land : Corona Chronicle #060

He was on duty as a corona warrior already.

He saw a woman from his police van sitting on the pavement during the nationwide lockdown.

He was surprised to see her.

Because of his curiosity he found himself asking the lady about why she’s sitting there.

She told him that she was waiting for an ambulance.

It was a slum area in Cuffe Parade.

He knew that there is as shortage of ambulances and the lady will have not get an ambulance.

Another day, he saw a senior citizen couple asking vehicles to take them to the hospital near by during the coronavirus lockdown.

They couldn’t find an ambulance either.

Looking at the aged couple his heart melted and he felt that there are a huge number of people suffering due to the shortage of ambulances.

The two incidents were in close succession and he knew exactly what he had to do.

The next day he was in a van that he converted in an ambulance.

After his duty as a police constable he is seen wearing a transparent raincoat, gloves and a handmade face shield because he could not afford a PPE kit for himself.

His heart was overwhelmed by the fact that he could now finally help people in the times of their tragedy.

He has helped a number of people.

A pregnant woman and a senior citizen are two of them.

The ambulance service is free of cost.

He does not take a single penny to help people reach the hospitals in time of their needs.

He was a corona warrior in the beginning as he is a cop but now he has become a saviour of lives.

His name is Tejas Sonawane.

In service of the Lord of universe and not the land.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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