Love Denied By Mother In The Hard Time Of Corona! : Corona Chronicle #003

Ashok and his five friends left from Nagpada in Mumbai with a little amount of money in their hands. Their destination was their hometown, Gola Dinanath locality of Varanasi.

They covered 1600 km walking with a hope of getting a roof over their heads when they have nothing and gaining the family’s love during this time of issues.

Ashok came to Mumbai only 4 months ago in search of a job and got one as a waiter.

When the Coronavirus lockdown was announced, the hotel was shut and in spite of trying at other places, he was forced to go home until things became normal again.

He followed the roads and railway tracks and had food only once a day to save the money so that he could give it to his mother.

When he came near Varanasi Cantt Railway Station, he couldn’t hold himself when he called his mother to tell her that he is almost home and expected her to be happy but to his surprise, she reacted in an odd way and with suspicions.

The whole locality treated him the same way and were desperate to somehow not let him come back home by immediately informing the police officials.

The police officials took him to the hospital to remove the threat of him being infected. The doctors suggested him a home quarantine of 14 days in spite of him having no trace of the virus.

When Ashok reached home, his mother and his sisters denied from opening the door to the house as they thought that the health authorities and police will be constant visitors to monitor him and to see whether he is following the protocols.

To add to his misery, even when police officials came with him to assure the family that he is not infected, his mother refused to take him in.

Ashok tried his best to convince his family that he is not infected and he even pleaded them to give him shelter but he was not welcomed.

He then tried his luck at his maternal grandmother’s house but the scenario there was no different.

Ashok was then admitted at a quarantine centre at a private hospital by the police officials because he had no other place to stay.

The man is tired and worn out because of his long journey to have love during a hard time which he deserved but was denied.

– Tanisha Agrawa

Disclaimer: based on true events.

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