When Endearment Of A Mother Wins: Corona Chronicle #015

The couple held their child in their arms for the very first time and were in a rather overwhelming situation.

They met their baby girl after 17 days of her birth who was born through surrogacy.

They wanted to be there but they couldn’t and that felt like the ultimate loss.

The baby was born on 29th March in Surat, Gujarat and her parents waited to see her desperately in Bengaluru.

The Bengaluru based couple had approached Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh about a year ago to have a baby through surrogacy and she is the one who delivered the baby.

When she understood that the parents cannot come to take the baby, she used to unite them on video calls as often as possible but that didn’t make up to her parents.

The doctor finally arranged for an air ambulance which would take the baby to her parents and Dr. Pooja herself took the baby to the airport and handed her over to the doctors who arrived in the air ambulance which came from Delhi and all protocols were followed for the safety of the new born.

When the mother saw her child for the first time and held her close to her chest, she had tears in her eyes but couldn’t stop herself from smiling either.

This all happened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After all, it is the mother’s endearment that wins.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

Tanisha Agrawal

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