A Country Where Patriarchy Always Reigned, A Woman Showed How Courageous She Can Be: Corona Chronicle #016

Her grief had no limits.

Her husband died amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Santosh Jaiswal was not well since a very long time and was a worker in a school.

He was a resident of Chandauli district but came to PDDU Nagar’s Chakiya Road.

This place belonged to his wife’s parents but he was here for his treatment.

His wife, Gudiya recently lost her brother too.

The money that they both saved was over and now his treatment was going on with help of others.

When the lockdown was announced, people stopped helping them financially due to which he did not get proper care, medication and treatment, he passed away.

When the news spread among the family, no one could be present to mourn for him due to the lockdown.

Gudiya went to the Zila Panchayat members, Shivshankar Patel, Pappu Maurya, Dev Maurya and Subhash Maurya who helped her financially for the last rites of her beloved husband.

Since no family member could come, she knew she had to provide her husband with the last rites he deserved and so she did.

During corona other patients are not receiving the care and treatments they need and thus their families have to go through the loss of their loved ones.

This is the story of the failure of those people in the country who should come forward and extend their helping hands to the citizens.

A country where patriarchy always reigned, a woman showed how courageous she can be.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

– Tanisha Agrawal

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