This small mistake was an invitation to devil himself : Corona Chronicle #089

He was very excited about his birthday party during the corona lockdown.

The invitations had been sent to at least 100 members of the jeweller association.

On the day of his birthday, a lavish party was hosted for these 100 people.

The people had a lot of fun at the party but little did they know of what awaited them.

Two days after the party, he started developing the symptoms of COVID-19.

He went to a private hospital and was admitted there.

On 5th July, he died of the virus.

When the people heard about the news, they felt sorry not for him but for themselves.

A wave of panic was among these people who attended the birthday bash to get themselves tested.

They ran to private clinics to get the test done as soon as possible.

The owner of a top jewellery chain who was also a part of this birthday bash has passed away.

The officials suspect that he got infected at the party too.

His family is under tremendous pressure as people blame them but they are not the only culprits.

Each person attending the party was a culprit.

He was a top jeweller and belonged to Hyderabad.

They never realised that they were actually inviting death to his birthday bash.

This small mistake was an invitation to devil himself.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

– Tanisha Agrawal

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