Corona killed more dreams than lives : Corona Chronicle #030

He is just heartbroken and doesn’t know how he has to react and work under such circumstances.

He looked at his wife with tears in his eyes.

They came to Mumbai from Bihar because she was unwell.

His condition is no less than his wife.

Her last wish is to see her children.

Their children are in Bihar and are hoping and praying everyday for their mother to come back home well.

They came to Mumbai because his wife has kidney cancer.

Her health started deteriorating in Bihar so they decided to come to Mumbai for better treatment options.

They came to Mumbai on 9th March and she was being treated in KEM Hospital, Parel.

They had to take a house on rent in Parel so that they did not have to travel every day.

While his wife was still being treated, the coronavirus pandemic hit the country with full force and the nationwide lockdown was announced.

Due to the lockdown, the treatment was stopped and they could not even return to Bihar.

In spite of every attempt of saving his wife, her health kept on deteriorating.

The doctors who were treating her saw that nothing was working with her.

The doctors told him that his wife does not have a lot of days to live anymore.

They have two children, one is 10 years and the other is 11 years old.

They both stayed in Bihar as their school was still on but their mother needed urgent treatment.

He almost spent Rs. 10 lakh on his wife’s treatment.

He prays everyday that the lockdown gets lifted and he can fulfill his wife’s last wish but he knows that day is not going to come.

He even tried to take his wife back to Bihar in an ambulance but that will cost him Rs. 70,000 but he is only left with Rs. 3,000 in his hand.

His name is Atul Shrivastav and his wife’s name is Bandana.

Atul is 45 years old, however, Bandana is only 35 years old.

Atul has started preparing and making arrangements for his wife’s last rites even though she is still alive but he knows that day is not very far away.

Corona has killed more dreams than lives.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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