The Sparkles In The Little Eyes Will Shine Again: Corona Chronicle #019

A picture says a thousand words.

This picture says millions of unsaid words of sadness and pain.

He is Nirmal Srinivas from Indore Police and hasn’t played with her daughter in a long time.

His daughter is only 4 years old and has one thing on her mind.

She is thinking why her dad is sitting outside the house and eating his lunch on an upside down bucket as his table.

She is thinking why her father is not coming and hugging her.

She is thinking that her father has to sit outside in the  scorching sun when he can sit inside the house.

Little does she know that her father has to perform the duty of being a corona warrior.

When the father looked at his daughter, standing by the door and just smiling at him with tears in her eyes, he just wanted to go and hug her tight but he couldn’t do that because he was a warrior and so was his little one.

Srinivas said that because his daughter is too young to understand, he finds it difficult to tell her why he goes out even during lockdown.

He says that she always comes and stands by the window, looking at her father eat food but from a distance and never comes close.

The love for his family and especially his daughter, brings him home daily after a long and tiring day of being a corona warrior.

The look on his daughter’s face gives him the strength of handling yet another day in this hard time.

His daughter looks at him like she wants to say she’s proud him.

The sparkles in the little eyes will shine again.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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