It Turns Out That This Is The Most Inhumane And Ugliest Phase Of Indian Health Sector : Corona Chronicle #059

She was having a lot of trouble breathing.

She was 8 months pregnant and her labour pains had started early.

It was really hard for her to breath properly.

When her husband saw this, he called his brother.

They were all getting panicked and decided to take her to the hospital in her brother in law’s rickshaw.

His brother in law and his wife also accompanied them to the hospital.

It was around 6 AM.

They first went to ESIC Hospital.

The hospital admitted her for a while, gave her oxygen and then referred her to the District Hospital since she came from a containment zone.

Then they took her to Shivalik Hospital which refused to admit her saying that she needs a “better hospital.”

They shuttled from one hospital to another in this condition.

They went to 8 hospitals, all of them denying to admit her with some reason or the other.

Some hospitals said that the beds weren’t empty and some said that the ventilators were all occupied.

They were all losing hope.

The doctors thought that she was having COVID-19 symptoms and she should be taken to either Sharda Hospital or Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) which are both designated COVID-19 facilities.

When they reached Sharda Hospital, they were told that she needed to be tested for covid first.

They took the charges for the test but even before the test referred them to GIMS.

Her health was deteriorating but still no hospital was admitting her.

They called 108 to get an ambulance but hit a wall again.

They had to hire a private ambulance after this which cost them Rupees 5,800.

She required oxygen support.

They were again referred to some other hospital and were denied admission over there too.

It was almost 7:30 PM.

They were headed for GIMS again.

While they were on their way, she stopped responding.

The staff had given up.

The family pleaded the staff to atleast check whether she was alive but to their disappointment, she had already left for her heavenly abode.

She was being treated for hypertension for the past 4 days too.

All the hospitals have been giving some or the other reasons to not admit her.

Her name was Neelam Kumari and her husband’s was Bijendra.

It turns out that this is the most inhumane and ugliest phase of Indian Health Sector.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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