Helping Needy Is More Sacred Than Offering Prayers: Corona Chronicle #018

He was in a deep thought about how he can help people.

He lived in Mangalore, Karnataka and is 55 years old.

He is a daily wage earner and lived a hand to mouth existence.

He saved some money for his lifelong dream from whatever he could with the little income he had.

His lifelong dream had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He saw his fellow workers on the verge of death because of hunger.

His heart wrenched by the sight of it. 

There were people who did not even have food grains in their house, let alone anything else.

He heard a sudden voice within him and he had a plan.

The dilemma he had was not choosing between his lifelong dream of going to Haj or helping people, it was of how he can help people.

He realised that if he didn’t help his fellow workers, Allah will not accept his Haj and so he was on a mission to help people.

He helped 25 families in Bantwaal, Mangalore with food grains.

His name is Abdurrahman and the best part is that he denied from telling how much he spent in this amazing work he did.

Helping the needy is more sacred than offering prayers at God’s door.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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