A brave son and a proud father turns the world into heaven : Corona Chronicle #092

He was with a COVID-19 patient in an ambulance.

He worked with the critical care division of the hospital.

He realsied that the patient’s tube was malpositioned and if he did not take an immediate action, the patient could have a cardiac arrest!

The PPE kit on him would be obstructing his work so he removed the mask and goggles to perform his duty.

He gave him a mouth to mouth respiratory treatment exposing himself to the virus.

After this, he was worried about what his father would say but kept his calm as he was in an isolation ward.

It was the holy month of Ramadan and thinks that he reacted to a fellow human being in distress.

He thinks that as a doctor and a human being, he couldn’t let a patient get harmed.

When he was in his isolation ward, his father called him after hearing the news.

His father was in Kashmir and he was in Delhi.

He picked up the call with a trembling voice fearing the reaction.

His father’s voice seemed to be broken with tears.

His father said that even if he died of COVID-19, he would not mourn because he saved someone’s life and may die as a martyr.

This made him cry like a little child but he felt like a weight was lifted off his heart.

He says that this is not an example to follow but it was just his gut feeling at the moment which made him do it.

He hasn’t met his parents in almost a year and wants this pandemic to end soon so he can go to his village.

His father’s phone call made him full with joy and he is even fighting with the virus with more strength now.

A brave son and a proud father turns the world into heaven!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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