A Newborn Punished For The Sins Of His Ancestors: Corona Chronicle #020

She started having labour pains and asked her husband to take her to the hospital.

The couple was really happy to finally see their child.

She was hospitalised in Kurla Babha Hospital and then shifted to Kasturba Hospital.

Kasturba is the main center for all coronavirus cases in Mumbai.

They brought their baby in the world on 26th March but to their disappointment, things took a bad turn.

The couple was really scared about the virus and thus booked a whole room but after the baby was born, they were told to vacate the room without any reason.

The bed she was given next, was occupied by a coronavirus patient previously.

The mother and her baby have been tested positive for coronavirus.

The doctors say that the possibility that she was not already infected cannot be ruled out.

Although they say that they were in home isolation since the lockdown was implemented and had come out only when she had labour pains.

They say that they only got to know about this incident when a doctor called them and asked them to take a test which came positive.

They say that no staff from the Sai Hospital in Chembur checked on the child and the mother while they were admitted there.

Even the father of the child has been sent to an isolation ward in Kasturba Hospital now.

The worse part is that the mother is only 26-year-old and her infant was just 3 days old.

This baby became the youngest corona patient.

The misery of the family cannot be justified.

It seems the newborn is facing the punishment for the sins his ancestors committed.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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