The greed of the woman took 4 lives : Corona Chronicle #078

His wife had left him 1 and a half month ago during the nationwide lockdown because of continuous fights.

Their fights were generally about finances as he was not able to earn like million other people in the country.

The pandemic has left more than half of the population unemployed.

He was a vegetable vendor in Nalasopara.

The earning for him had complety stopped due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The fights were a little too much for her to bear so she left for her parents’ house.

A few days later, he saw his wife’s picture with another man on Facebook.

He soon realised that this abandoned him and his children for another man and not because of the finances.

His father lived just in the next building where him and his 3 children went for lunch and dinner since his wife left.

They went for lunch that day to his father’s house and he was upset, the unemployment and inability to feed children with his money was very depressing for him.

They left his father’s house soon after lunch.

When his father went to their house back at around 8 PM to call them for lunch, he got no answer.

He was terrified and he suspected something terrible.

He called a few neighbours and broke into the house.

4 dead bodies in a pool of blood were laying there.

The throats of the children were slit.

After slitting his children’s throats, he tried to hang himself to death which was unsuccessful so he slit his own throat too.

Looking at the dead bodies his father felt that he never got to understand the pain his son was in.

His father stood there in utter disbelief.

The knife he used to slit their throats was found lying around in the hall.

A case has been filed for murder against him and their bodies have been sent for postmortem. 

His name was Kailash Parmar and was just 35 years old. 

His children’s name were Nayan, Nandini and Naina and were 10, 8 and 5 respectively.

The fact that his wife went away and he could not feed his children, killed them.

The greed of the woman took 4 lives.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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