Parents do everything to live their dreams through their children : Corona Chronicle #102

He was wandering around the streets of his village.

His face was hanging low and he was sad and couldn’t believe his misfortune.

The COVID-19 pandemic was being the worst phase of his life.

He was already having great troubles financially with only one cow as his source of income.

He went to a bank to ask for a loan of Rupees 6,000 but the bank declined because he was poor.

His heart was slowly ripping apart when he reached a private money lender who also declined him the money because of the same reason.

His heart completely shattered and he walked home with the same face.

His children opened the door with an expectant face but when they saw him, they knew what had happened.

He called the teacher of his children’s school and she said that he had to arrange for a smartphone for his children to study.

He pleaded saying that he doesn’t even have Rupees 500 and he is not able to procure the loan.

He wanted his children to study and do something in life like most of the parents dream for their children.

He made a promise to his children and set out on the hunt for the loan again.

He wandered around more but then came back home and untied the cow.

He went and sold the cow for Rupees 6,000 so that his children could study well.

The only way he could fulfill their dreams was this.

His eyes were moist but he hid them but his wife was sobbing and his children were crying too.

He was forced to sell his only way of income for his children when he needed it the most.

He bought a smartphone was his children and now they study using that.

His name is Kuldip Kumar and belong from Gummer Village in Jwalamukhi.

Parents do everything to live their dreams through their children!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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