There Is No Expiry Date For Love And Togetherness : Corona Chronicle #058

They were looking at each other with their smiles wide.

They believed in fate and their fate couldn’t have taken a better turn.

They both were really happy about their achievements.

The hospital staff was looking at the two love birds, they were feeling proud not only of themselves but for the couple.

They had returned to Rasilpur village last month from Gurugram where they worked.

Almost a group of 20 people came with them back to their village due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The nationwide lockdown made them unemployed.

They came back to the village to have a better life.

On May 19th, a few people of this group started showing symptoms.

The lady was the first one to test positive for the coronavirus.

After she was confirmed to be positive, her family was also asked to get tested.

13 people including he husband were tested positive.

When they were in the hospital being treated, she was showing no signs of recovery.

He was told and his heart broke.

He was almost in tears and wanted to see her which was impossible.

The hospital staff came back and told her about how her husband reacted.

She told the hospital staff to tell him that she is going to fight and meet him really soon.

Soon after this, she started showing amazing recovery but it was slow.

Their family members were discharged as soon as they were being treated and were negative.

On 2nd June, the couple was told that their tests came negative and that they are allowed to meet each other, they were so happy that their grins were from ear to ear.

The doctors followed the tradition of giving a send off to the recovered patient and was felicitating the couple with flowers.

Someone handed them the ‘varmala’.

When they saw the ‘varmala’, they did not think of it for another second and put it around each other’s necks.

They think it is their second life.

She is a 62 year old ‘bride’ and he is a 64 year old ‘groom’.

There is no expiry date for love and togetherness.

Disclaimer: Based on the events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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