Death came calling again and again : Corona Chronicle #101

She had gone to Delhi for her grandson’s wedding.

He was the most beloved person in her life.

She lived in Ranchi with her other 5 sons.

The wedding went perfectly smooth and after giving the new couple all the love she had, she returned to Ranchi.

She started feeling a little dizzy and wasn’t feeling well at all.

Her sons admitted her in a private clinic and she was tested for COVID-19.

Before her results came in, she left for her heavenly abode.

Her sons were devastated but the cremation had to be done.

They decided to cremate their mother with complete rituals and customs.

They gave shoulders to their mother’s ‘arthi’ with teary eyes.

They were still mourning over their mother when her results came in, she was COVID-19 positive.

They were in shock about the virus.

After a few days, one by one all the brothers were falling ill.

They could not understand what is going on and were in no condition to accept the fact that they were going through this.

They got the virus too and one by one all the 5 brothers passed away due to the virus.

6 members of the same family passed away and the neighbours have chills down their spines.

They had never even imagined that this would be the reality, they never even thought of this is their worst nightmares.

The virus took 6 members of the family but the brother who lives in Delhi is the only one alive to mourn for them.

Death came calling again and again.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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