PPE Suits To Protect The Warriors Are Cause For Their Misery: Corona Chronicle #047

The paramedic of 108 ambulance service was working hard day and night.

He was a corona warrior and had a determination to end corona as soon possible.

He got down from the ambulance at the gates of Bundelkhand  Medical College to help the team in getting the Corona patient in the hospital for treatment.

He suddenly fainted and fell on the ground with a thud.

When his colleagues saw him, they got scared and rushed him to the doctors in the hospital.

A shockwave ran amongst all the doctors in the hospital.

The doctors said that he passed out because of fatigue.

It had become a part of him for months now but no one knew, it would have such consequences.

When his colleagues wanted to admit him there, the Bundelkhand Medical College refused.

His colleagues despised the decision of the College and took him to the district hospital where he was being treated.

He was feeling better a while later.

His name is Hiralal Prajapati.

He is a Corona warrior. In Madhya Pradesh, the temperature fluctuates between 44° C to 46° C.

The corona warriors are continuously in the PPE kits which makes them suffocated but are to be worn to keep themselves and their families safe.

The efforts of frontline corona warriors are the heart and soul of the war against COVID-19.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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