A Paralyzed System Is More Dangerous Than A Pandemic: Corona Chronicle #022

KS Khaled Bambrana was having a slight fever and asked his son to take him to a local doctor.

The doctor prescribed some medicine but his condition continued to deteriorate.

He started having trouble in breathing and couldn’t understand what was wrong with him.

He was also worried because these were the symptoms of coronavirus.

Thankfully, his result for coronavirus test came negative.

Bambrana’s son felt that his father was in urgent need of better facilities and took him to the emergency ward Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mazgaon between 7:30 to 8:00 pm.

The doctor examined and yet denied him to be admitted in the hospital saying that that hospital was not well equipped for such cases.

The doctor asked him to go to another hospital for help but the scenario there was no different.

The Chief operating officer of the Prince Aly Khan hospital said that the hospital is not designated for corona patients and it is strictly against the rules to admit anyone with even the slightest symptoms.

He also said that the ICU were already full and could not take any more patients for treatment.

Bambrana’s family rushed him to almost 5 more known hospitals in the city but everyone had one reason or the other to not admit him.

A hospital was ready to admit him but transfer to a facility for corona patients in Andheri using an ambulance.

The family did not find that to be good option and denied because he was not tested positive.

While his family was putting in all efforts to save Bambrana’s life, Abdul Rahman, the president of Bombay Kerala Muslim Jamaath called the BMC asking for their help for a medical facility where life support was available.

BMC promised to call him with details very soon.

They called after 45 minutes saying that Lilavati Hospital had one bed free.

Banbrana was however finally admitted in St George Hospital after a great loss of time.

When Abdul reached the Hospital he saw that Bambrana’s health was not supporting him anymore and his heart had stopped.

However, the doctors were trying to revive him and when they did, they asked the family members to get an oxygen cylinder.

At last, after begging the hospital, they put him on ventilator but Bambrana still lost his life at night.

The worse part is that the family had to beg in every hospital they could to admit him but they wouldn’t help.

A paralyzed system is more dangerous than the pandemic.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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