So What If a Jeweler Is Vending Vegetables! : Corona Chronicle #23

He ran a shop for almost 25 years.

His name is Hukumchand Soni.

His shop was not very big but was enough to run his family efficiently.

He has proved that work is worship.

Due to  the coronavirus lockdown, he had to start selling vegetables because he wanted money to survive.

He goes down to the local mandi everyday to get vegetables for selling.

He says that all his savings have been used because everything is being priced so high.

He did not even have a big capital and thus the last resort was to sell vegetables.

The non essential shops and services were closed but he somehow survived for a few weeks but he had to find some other way to keep his household under control. 

He is the only earning member in the family and has a lot on his plate.

To add to his misery, his younger brother also passed away and had a family who he has to take for.

He also has to pay the rent for his shop and take care of his old mother.

Hukumchand is a jeweller.

The weigh scale that weighed gold and silver now have to weigh potatoes and onions.

He proved that no work is small enough and hardwork is the only way we should earn our bread.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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