One Man Army Of Kindness & Compassion: Corona Chronicle #009

He was standing at the door of a hospital when he realised he was receiving a standing ovation. He is a taxi driver in Spain who is giving free rides to coronavirus patients to the local hospital.

He was called by the hospital to help transport a patient but instead he received the biggest surprise he could have ever even thought of.

As of Monday, Spain is the second hardest hit country in the world with corona virus, with more that 200,000 cases and atleast 20,800 deaths.

The doctors and the nurses had a surprise for him and to thank him for his duty, he was given a cheque and his results for COVID-19 which were negative.

He just stood there, looking at the people and couldn’t be more emotional yet happy from within.

The world is witnessing a one man army of kindness and compassion.

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events

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