Circumstances Makes A Man Dishonest, Intentions May Not Be:Corona Chronicle #035

When he came out of his house, he saw his cycle was missing.

He lived in Senawali village, Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

He frantically started looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere.

He checked everywhere and even asked his wife about it.

He asked neighbors if they’ve seen someone take it or whatever.

He soon realized that it was stolen by someone.

As soon as he decided to go the police station to lodge a complaint, he saw a piece of paper with a stone on it.

The stone was the paper weight.

He took the paper and started reading it.

When he finished the letter, he had tears in his eyes and his heart was melted like made of chocolate.

He read the letter again and was so overwhelmed by it that he decided not to go to the police station.

The piece of paper that melted his heart was by the person who stole his cycle.

The letter said, “I am a helpless labourer and father of a differently abled son who cannot walk. That is why I am taking away your cycle and forgive me if you can. Because, I have no vehicle or transport and my son cannot walk but I have to go back home to Bareilly.”

The name of the man who’s cycle was taken is Prabhu Dayal.

The last line of the letter said, “your helpless labourer, Mohammad Iqbal Khan.”

The best part about this story is that Iqbal took the cycle but he also left that note so that the owner does not have to take efforts to find it.

Iqbal was genuine and the pain his son was facing may have been terrible.

Prabhu only wished that the father and son duo reached their destination safe and happily.

 Circumstances dishonest, makes a man intentions may not be.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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