‘No Crime’ Is Bigger Than ‘Poverty’ : Corona Chronicle #025

Nabi Baksh was roaming in Moti Masjid area in Delhi when he met a few reporters on the road.

When the reporter took out his camera to make a video, Nabi started panting and pleading the reporter.

He begged the reporter to not tell anyone about him coming outside the house.

He was still panting and it got worse, he pulled out and used an asthma pump to give himself some relief.

He said that he will sell for a limited time and return back home.

His son was a daily wage earner and that he wasn’t getting any work.

Problems had increased for him and his family and that’s why he came out of his house.

He kept on pleading and begging to not tell anyone.

Because there was no money at home, he had to come out and was pleading so that no one puts him behind the bars.

He says that he would never come out in the coronavirus lockdown if its wasn’t the case of life and death but unfortunately, it is.

This case is not only of this man but a thousand other men who can’t do anything but die due to hunger, poverty and other ailments.

Nabi Baksh, a resident of Karaund, Delhi is 72 years old and was selling yogurt in Budhwara are for almost 40 years now.

‘No crime’ is bigger than ‘poverty.’

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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