Team Efforts Make Huge Tasks Tiny : Corona Chronicle #057

He was laying down on the cot.

He had an injury on the neck while working.

He was having a lot of trouble.

They had converted the cot in a ‘Palkhi’ so that they could carry him easily.

Due to the injury he was facing challenges.

The nationwide lockdown was imposed.

They belonged to Madhya Pradesh but they were working in Ludhiana.

Like millions of other workers in the country travelling back to their homes, they also decided to go back.

The only problem was how they would take him.

They thought a lot about how they could possibly take him with them when someone suggested the cot thing.

The idea appealed and seemed practical.

They turned the cot into the ‘palkhi’ and made him lay on it.

18 people who were a part of his family and some other villagers were a part of this troop walking back to their homes.

All of them took chances in holding the cot over their shoulders.

They were all sweating and in their way even trying to get help from people.

They pleaded in front of many people to give them a ride on any vehicle but because of the cot, no one would help them.

They did not lose hope and kept walking.

They had covered 800 kilometres and reached Ramadevi Highway.

While they were still walking, the in charge of Chekri Police Station saw them with the child on the cot.

When he got to know the real reason, he felt overwhelmed.

He arranged food for them and even arranged for a vehicle for them.

It was just 50 kilometres that they travelled in the vehicle to reach their village.

He was just 15 years old.

Team efforts make huge tasks tiny.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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