A Mother Is A River Of Tender Emotions Which Never Dries : Corona Chronicle #053

She was sitting alone on the pavement outside the Bandra Terminus Railway Station during the lockdown.

She had come to Mumbai to her son.

Her son called her before the nationwide lockdown was announced because he wasn’t well.

He wanted nursing and so called his mother.

She came to Mumbai four months ago in the general compartment of the railways.

She was frail and barely able to speak.

When her son started feeling better, he started asking his mother to leave.

Her son started beating her when  she asked him if she can live for a few more days.

She did not have the money to buy a ticket back home and her son wouldn’t give her the money.

One day, her son picked up all her things and threw them out of the house.

When she went out to collect her things, he shut the door behind her.

She collected her things and wandered around the city and sat on the pavement outside the terminus.

He abandoned his own mother.

Her husband passed away last year in December.

She has been facing challenges in handling her household.

A railway official saw her sitting there alone and asked her what was her reason to sit alone.

She told the official everything and told him that another son lived in Delhi.

The railways official gave her food and took her details, she was even given a space to sleep in the waiting room on the station.

The railway officials had arranged a car to take her to Mumbai Central from where she will take her train.

The officials booked a AC-II Tier ticket.

They even arranged food for her on board and check for her safety until she reaches home.

The railway officials definitely did a great job but the thing her own son did was just inhumane.

A person who can do this to their own mother is not worth calling a human being.

Her name is Leelavati Keshav Nath and is 68 year old.

A mother is a river of tender emotions which never dries.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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