Good Deeds Are Always Remembered : Corona Chronicle #056

He had a mushroom farm.

Since the past 27 years a few labours come to help on his farm.

The labours are needed to harvest the crop in his farm.

These labours belong to one family and there were 10 labours this year.

When the harvesting was going on, the nationwide lockdown was announced and these labours got stranded here.

They desperately wanted to go back home.

Even though he offered that the can stay on the farm with him, they denied saying they want to be with their families during this pandemic.

Seeing that his labour was having a hard time, his heart melted.

He thought that maybe he could do something for them.

The next day they were all handed a paper.

When the labours read what was written, their happiness had no limit.

They started jumping with happiness.

The paper was the printout of their airplane tickets to their village.

They did not believe someone would do that for them.

He also told them that he would drive them in his car to the airport.

They were so thankful to him and some even had tears in their eyes.

When the Municipal Councillor heard of the amazing deed he was about to do, he wanted to help.

The Councillor then, got these labours screened and has offered to help them reach home from the airport in Bihar.

The farmer has even given Rupees 3,000 to each on of the labours and told them to ask for help even if they face a problem with Rupees 5 during this time. 

The labours informed their family and the families were in shock, they couldn’t believe that these people were gonna travel in an airplane.

These labours have become like a family to him as they’ve been coming and helping him for 27 years straight.

His name is Pappan Singh Gahlot and his farm is near Tigipur village.

Good deeds are always remembered.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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