Helping hands, devilish minds : Corona Chronicle #107

They saw the condition of migrant workers around the country during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The migrant workers did not have money to buy a one time meal or even to go back to their houses.

So they decided to help the migrant workers reach their native places.

The migrant workers did not want anything more than having their family and a roof over their heads.

They used a car and even got e-passes made for the migrant workers who would go with them.

They stuck that e-pass on the front windshield of the car so that they did not have a lot of trouble around the check points.

They took migrant workers from Pubjab and would leave them to their native places in Jharkhand.

The story now takes a turn.

From a naxal area in Jharkhand called Hajaribaug, they would pick up consignments of opium and smuggle it in Delhi and Punjab.

The main motive behind helping the poor migrant workers was the smuggling.

An informer of the Special Cell gave them a tip.

With the help of the informant, they stopped the car and checked it thoroughly.

When the car was checked, they were in possession of 12 kilos of good quality opium and its cost was around Rupees 2 crores.

The duo was in shock and was still unable to understand how the police cracked their masterplan.

They were arrested on the spot.

Under the impression that they were doing an amazing and overwhelming deed, they were actually smuggling.

The two smugglers are Shaan Masih and Chetan.

The Delhi Police Special Cell officers who conducted the bust are Inspector Shiv Kumar and his team.

Helping hands, devilish minds.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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