Social Distancing Cannot Create Distance Between Soulmates: Corona Chronicle #006

Laying on their hospital beds next to each other with ventilators over their mouths, the aged couple held hands in the ICU.

Sandra, 71 and her husband Giancarlo, 73 are a couple from Italy and wanted to celebrate their anniversary during the hardships of coronavirus outbreak.

The couple were receiving their treatment for the virus at Murri Hospital in the east Italian region of Marche. The couple is on their way to recovery.

The nurse, Roberta Ferretti had been working with the couple for their treatment and heard that the couple was about to complete 50 years of togetherness.

She immediately thought that she could do something for the couple so that they could know that they are not alone in the crisis.

Sandra began to cry, not for herself but she was worried about her husband. Giancarlo, told his wife about how much he loved her.

The nurse took help from other staff members and arranged a cake and they moved the beds closer to each other so that they could hold hands.

The staff had a 50 (shaped) candle on a small cake because they couldn’t light the candles near the oxygen. There were photos taken with the couple where they are making a heart with their hands.

No one could have ever thought of a love story like this but this is story is the one that makes you believe that true love still exists among people.

It proves that social distancing cannot create distance between soulmates.

– Tanisha Agrawal.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

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