Superheroes Drive Bikes To Save Lives Too: Corona Chronicle #007

The family was tensed because they ran out of medicines for their little girl who was just 4 years old and is a warrior of cancer.

The little girl has blood cancer that falls under the second category.

The child has to go to the Regional Cancer Centre for chemotherapy in Thiruvananthapuram which was shut due to the coronavirus lockdown and she was temporarily asked to take medication.

The girl lives in Kerala’s Alappuzha district and the medicines she needed were not available there. The family was in distress because if the child did not get her medication on time, she would have to face a number of other issues and her misery was no less already.

The family decided to contact a friend, Antony Ratheesh, a civil police officer and ask for his help. Ratheesh then contacted his friend Vishnu who is a former police officer and now a sergeant at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

Vishnu was about to leave for Thiruvananthapuram from Alappuzha for his duty and collected the prescription from his friend.

It turned out that the prescription given to Vishnu was old but a doctor who knew the patient realized that she needed different medication.

The biggest hurdle in Vishnu’s plan was to somehow deliver the medication by 6 pm that day.

Vishnu first tried to send them halfway to Kollam but his plan failed but he was determined to help the little girl with her life so decided to ride back to the district with the medicines.

Vishnu became a life saver for the little girl and her family when he knocked at their door at 5:10 pm to handover the medicine.

Vishnu took a risk of riding almost 150 km on his motorcycle within such a short period of time but the family of the little girl is poor and was anyway living a hand to mouth existence yet somehow treating their baby girl with the little money they had.

Yet again we see that not all superheroes fly high in the air and have capes tied around their necks.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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