Blues of Bua’s blue eyed boy : Corona Chronicle #077

His aunt (bua) was his best friend since he had understood the meaning of the word.

The love between them was just beyond admirable.

He used to tell her everything and she always had his back.

She lived in a different city but he often used to visit her.

When the nationwide coronavirus lockdown was announced, he could not meet his aunt.

It felt as if a part of him was missing.

He used to plead his father to take him there but his father would always tell him something to avoid the topic instead of making him understand what the issue was.

One day when he felt that he is missing his aunt too much, he waited until everyone in the house fell asleep.

It was 1:30 at night and he wore his school uniform.

He took his school bag on his shoulders and started walking towards his aunt’s house.

His aunt stayed in Guna which was around 190 kilometres from Bhopal where he lived.

He knew that if he walked continuously, he could meet his aunt soon.

He was still walking when a police officer saw him.

The police officials were in check post.

They were surprised to see a boy wearing his school uniform and with a bag on an isolated road at that time of the night.

They stopped him to ask him a few questions.

They thought that he ran away from the house because he was angry.

To their surprise, he told them that he wanted to go see his aunt.

The police officials felt their hearts melting at his love and affection for his aunt.

The police took him to the police station and contacted their server.

They found out that the whole neigbourhood was looking for the boy with panic and distress.

His parents has even dialled 100 and asked help from the local police.

His parents were called to the police station and he was sent with them back home.

After all his trying, he did not get to see his beloved aunt during the lockdown even once.

He is only 13 years old.

Blues of Bua’s blue eyed boy!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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