The ‘Shramik Special’ Has Turned Into The Train To Hell : Corona Chronicle #055

He called his wife when he boarded the train and there was happiness in his voice.

She was in the village and he was on his way to the village.

He told her that he will call her again when the train starts.

A while passed and he did not call, she started getting worried.

When she tried calling him, his phone was switched off.

The tension started building up more.

She went to the local police station and lodged a complaint.

His employer said that he worked there for about 2 years.

The employer also told him that he can stay in the factory but he just wanted to go back home.

His employer gave him Rupees 30,000 when he was about to leave for his village.

He was having a terrible ear ache when he was in Mumbai and decided that he wanted to be with his family.

He took a private bus from Mumbai to Jhansi on May 21st and boarded the ‘Shramik Special’ train on May 23rd.

When the empty train returned on Jhansi on May 27th, the cleaning team found a dead body in the toilet of the train.

When the officials got the information, they rushed there with a medical team.

The body had decomposed and was smelling.

His face was swollen too.

They found an Aadhar Card in his pocket and was identified.

It was him.

They found Rupees 27,000 in his pocket.

His family got a call regarding his death.

His family was devastated but they still travelled to Jhansi.

They were called to perform the last rites in Jhansi as the body had decomposed already.

The corona test could not be performed as the procedure must start within six hours of death.

His body laid in the toilet of the train for 4 days.

His name was Mohan Lal Sharma and was just 37 years old.

Yet another terrifying incident on the ‘Shramik Special’ train.

The ‘Shramik Special’ was propagated as the train to their beloved homes but have turned into the train to hell.

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Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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