Corona Chronicle #100

The COVID times have been very hard on everyone!

It has not spared anyone, be it oor or rich but we have been lucky enough to have the Corona Warriors.

The people who have been working day and night without even a single word of complaint.

The passion and the determination to fight the virus and find a cure for mankind has been their only motive and it has given us the strength to pull through it with grace and a better world.

We may have been in the lock down for too long but this virus has taught us a million things.

The brave hearts have made us realize that we have the power to come over everything.

Love and compassion can win hearts and not only money can buy you happiness.

The world may prefer materialistic things but what always wins the hearts is the emotional attachment we all have as human beings.

 Salute to those numerous heroes who have worked for the country during the lowest times, to those who protect us on the borders and to those who protect humanity!

We may not have the names of every Corona warrior but we have prayers and respect for all of them.

With utmost pride, @thewordicts salutes you all who have been the bravest and fought for the country despite the circumstance!

Srijana Gummalla ~ Dr. Rajendra Chandorkar ~ Vishnu ~ Nazir Ahmad Sheikh ~ Gulab Singh Bhagel ~ Abu Tahir ~ Tajammul Pasha and Muzzamil Pasha ~ Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh ~ Gudiya Jaiswal ~ Shivshankar Patel ~ Pappu Maurya ~ Dev Maurya ~ Subhash Maurya ~ Kamalathal ~ Abdurrahman ~ Nirmal Srinivas ~ Hukumchand Soni ~ Mukhtar Ahmed ~ Nur Afia ~ Prabhu Dayal ~ Rafiq ~ Karam Singh ~ ‘Wahid Biryani’ ~ Meena ~ Baba Karnail Singh Khaira ~ Jennie Stejna ~ Akshay Kothavale ~ Inder Singh Yadav ~ Pappan Singh Gahlot ~ Tejas Sonawane ~ Mujibullah ~ Paleli Nithal Babu ~ Niharika Dwivedi ~ Jyoti ~ Eric Anton Lobo ~ Merlin ~ Manas Patra ~ Shahnawaz Shaikh ~ Vavilapalli Lakshmi ~ Shyam Kishore Singh Gandhi ~ Umesh Hadagali ~ Dr. Zahid Abdul Majeed ~  Dr. Vikas Kumar ~ Ashok Kotecha ~ Surendra Pati ~ Sabitri

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