Dreams come true when you worship your work : Corona Chronicle #096

He had shifted to England in 2019 with his wife and his 2 year old son.

He was a huge cricket fanatic and joined the Gilli Boys Amateur Club to atleast have cricket as a small part of his life.

He always wanted to do something in cricket but everyone in his family was into studies.

So, he too, like his brothers became a doctor.

He played for his medical college too which made him feel alive and he had amazing experiences there.

He now works at the critical care unit of a National Health Service Trust hospital in Durham.

He is an anaesthetist and it has been  difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic for him and all the medical fraternity.

International cricket in Southampton has finally resumed after a gap of almost 120 days.

The cricket team has started a campaign of Raise The Bat which honours the health workers at the forefront of the Covid war.

His club had nominated his name for this campaign.

When he woke up the next day, he saw a picture of the England’s captain and World Cup star Ben Stokes.

Ben Stokes was wearing a jersey which featured his name.

It seemed like a dream to him and so like a typical Indian, he pinched himself only to realise that this was real.

He could not believe it and was completely thrilled.

It was an overwhelming situation and he says that the NHS staff has made huge sacrifices and they deserve the recognition.

He was almost in tears and he just couldn’t digest the fact.

He was so happy and excited that he ran and showed his wife the picture with tears in his eyes and then started sending the picture to his friends in India.

It made him proud, not only of himself but for all the doctors who are working hard to get rid of the hard hitting pandemic!

He recalls the time when the closest he has been to his teenage dream of playing top level cricket was when he was appointed as the Doctor on Duty at the India – Sri Lanka Test Match three years ago.

So, Ben Stokes wearing a Jersey featuring his name was like icing on the cake and just a dream come true.

His name is Dr. Vikas Kumar.

Dreams come true when you worship your work!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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