One more shot please… a pani puri : Corona Chronicle #080

He was one of the most famous pani puri vendor in and around South Bombay.

He used “Bisleri” water to make the pani puri which made him famous.

He always put people’s health first.

He was a very sweet man.

When the coronavirus lockdown was announced, he did not have any income but to top that, he was tested positive for the virus.

He was hospitalised and was even being treated for it but unfortunately, he couldn’t live through it.

His family was very poor and did not even have the money for the last rites.

The people around the place knew him very well and reminisce his generosity giving out one extra puri everytime.

When the people heard about his death, they all wanted to pay respect to him so they decided on raising funds for his last rites that he deserved.

The fundraising drive was supposed to collect Rupees 5 lakh in 42 days but they have collected more than Rupees 2 lakh in just 2 days.

He was the sole earner in the house and the people just wanted to help his family as much as they could.

People did not think about it much and posted an appeal for crowdfunding.

The people are in contact with his daughter who is in the village with her mother in Azamgarh.

His daughter is so overwhelmed to see the people’s love for her father.

One more shot please… a pani puri.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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