Dogs Are More Loyal Than Humans: Corona Chronicle #045

When she was young, she decided not to get married.

She thought that life would be more fun with dogs by her side.

She adopted all the dogs she could and now has 13 dogs as her pets, as her love and as her safety net.

When the coronavirus hit the country, she was more worried about her dogs getting infected than herself.

She tried to get some advance salary, when the nationwide lockdown was announced.

She knew that she was going to face problems and there was going to be shortage of food.

She now, has started to eat one meal a day because the resources are scarce.

She doesn’t eat properly to feed her pets.

Each dog is a part of her heart and losing even 1 of them would break her heart a little.

To justify eating once a day, she says that she’s not very fond of food.

She is like a mother who would do anything for her children.

Her dogs are her children and she shares whatever she gets with them.

She also feeds some of the stray dogs outside but now she’s finding that a little difficult.

Her income is also limited.

Her name is Meena and she lives in Chennai.

She was working in a household as a cook for her livelihood.

She has had these dogs for 21 years of her life.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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