A Mother Will Always Be A Mother: Corona Chronicle #017

The very famous and our beloved, Kamalathal is popularly known as ‘Idli Patti’ or ‘Paatima’.

‘Idli Amma’ is 85 years old and still on a mission to serve her people. 

Her initiative is to sell delicious idlis she makes at just Rs. 1 per piece.

She became a ‘businesswoman’ in Coimbatore just by selling these idlis.

Her business is suffering a massive loss due to the corona virus outbreak.

A number of people came forward to help her financially including The Bharathiar University came for help with University Chancellor Dr. P Kaliraj.

They donated not only food but also grocery kits.

Members of the Hindustan Scouts and Guides also provided her with essentials.

People are surprised by her determination to serving the country’s poor however she can.

The most astonishing fact is that she is selling idlis for Rs. 1 even during corona where the prices of all commodities are shooting high.

She has made it clear that she will not raise the prices even though she has more people coming.

Many migrant labourers are also stuck there and rely on ‘Idli Paati’.

The way a mother always feeds her children and never discriminates in spite of the situation she is in, ‘Idli Amma’ is treating her society.

A mother will always be a mother.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

– Tanisha Agrawal

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