The best teacher of humanity : Corona Chronicle #117

Sometimes the smallest gestures count the most is one of the most common idioms we hear but we dont often see such small gestures.

A video of his phupphi (aunt) has been going viral.

She is wrapping a vegetable and some roti in aluminium foil.

Her work is meticulous and she does not even have teeth in her mouth.

When she saw the condition of the poor migrant workers, her heart broke and she felt like her own children were dying of hunger.

She started making food packets for such migrant workers in Mumbai.

The video was shared by Zahid F. Ebrahim which made people all around the world go in awe.

She is 99 years old.

A lady may not have a lot of money but her heart is so big that it can embrace the whole world within it.

If she sees someone is hungry, her heart can never rest until she provides food to them.

Inspite of all her ordeals, she chose to feed thousands of hungry children.

The best teacher of humanity.

Disclaimer: Based on true events

– Tanisha  Agrawal

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