Let the truth prevail! : Corona Chronicle #091

He was hospitalised in AIIMS Trauma Centre after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Suddenly one day, Delhi media was in a shock as they heard the news of his suicide.

He had jumped off the fourth floor of the hospital where he was being treated.

They were all baffled at the news of this suicide and the Union Helath Minister immediately replaced the medical superintendent of the trauma centre.

His colleagues were devastated with the news and came to the hospital without wasting any time.

After the mishap, they produced the WhatsApp messages he had sent during the treatment.

The messages were a proof of the terrible treatment that he was getting there.

They were allegations against the treatment and his colleagues started seeking for a judicial inquiry into his death.

The allegations became so strong that a committee of four members was set up to investigate the case.

The committee did not find any mala fide.

His colleagues still do not believe the theories.

The question still remains that if the committee did not find anything why was the superintendent replaced immediately?

Why are the journalist’s WhatsApp messages not being considered as a suicide note and being investigated?

He was a 37 year old journalist.

He lived in Bhajanpura with his wife and 2 children.

He used to work for a Hindi daily.

Let the truth prevail!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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