Destiny Pushes You In Trouble, Destiny Takes You Out Of Trouble: Corona Chronicle #041

He left his house 3 years ago to get financial support for his son’s wedding.

He lived in a village in Uttar Pradesh but had to go out of the town.

By mistake, he took a train going to Bangaluru and somehow reached Mysore.

Because he was away from his house, the tiring journey and the stress, he started forgetting things.

He was roaming about the roads asking people who he was but no one had the answer.

He did not remember his name and slowly forgot everything about his past life.

He tried figuring out things but he just didn’t know or remember anything.

He wandered all over Mysore for 3 years straight and had food from whatever was possible.

His family at home filed a missing complaint but the police could not track him.

It was almost 3 years and his family lost hope of ever seeing him again.

They started believing that he died or something really bad has happened to him.

After these three years, the coronavirus lockdown was announced and the state of Mysore was giving shelter to everyone.

The authorities saw him wandering on the road.

His mental state was did not seem to be fine.

Nobody knew about who he is and so the authorities took him to an old age home called Nanjaraja Bahadur.

Psychologists were consulted and they were treating him.

The psychologists were able to diagnose him.

Their hardwork paid off and he started remembering everything.

He remembered where he belonged from and even his address.

His family was contacted and their happiness was just beyond limits.

The authorities in Mysore had made arrangements for him to go back home soon.

His name is Karam Singh and he is 70 years old.

Destiny pushed you in trouble, destiny takes you out of trouble.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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