Determination and selflessness can conquer the world let alone a pandemic : Corona Chronicle #090

They were laying in the isolation booths still thinking about their duties.

They believed they can go back to duty to help people during the terrible times.

Their force was missing them a lot as was their families.

The police officials were working hard, day and night trying to fight corona.

They were performing their duties with bravery and valour.

They did not fear the COVID-19 like they never fear the criminals.

They were serving the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic selflessly but 41 of the police officials got infected.

They were hospitalised and given the medication immediately.

They were very happy knowing that they will be fine very soon and will be able to go back to the war with corona.

When they were tested again, their results came in negative but they completely abandoned the negative thoughts and feelings.

They all decided that they are not going to stay back at home but are going back to the field to fight and get the world free of this pandemic soon.

The Hyderabad City Police rejoiced their recovery and felicitated them to motivate them even more.

They were called as “Corona Conquerors”.

The IPS said that he is proud of his team members which he should be cause they beat corona out of their bodies and are back to help others with a better enthusiasm.

Determination and selflessness can conquer the world let alone a pandemic.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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