If the heart filled with kindness, everyday is a festival : Corona Chronicle #084

They were seeing the condition of migrant workers all around the world and especially in India.

He is a businessman in Singapore but is Indian.

They saw the conditions and their hearts melted.

The festival of Eid was close by which is celebrated by Muslims to mark the end of the fasting month.

They knew that they could do something to help the stuck migrant workers in Singapore.

Most of the migrant workers there belong from Bangladesh, India and China.

The migrant workers would be at home if it wasn’t for the coronavirus pandemic celebrating the festival with their families and eating the delicasies.

so he though that he could help them bring home here. 

He discussed his idea with his wife and then contacted a team of chefs who could help them with their mission.

He used a family recipe to make Biryani for the stranded labourers.

He was tasting from the pots to make sure that everything tasted perfect.

The labourers mostly stayed in dormitories which were not even able to provide them with food.

He just wanted to make sure that the labourers don’t feel out.

He had also been overseeing the delivery of almost 1,000 meals per day since April in quarantine centres.

When he went to deliver the Biryani packets, he saw the smiles and gratitude on their faces which made him believe he is doing a great job and gave him satisfaction.

Him and his wife were there in the kitchen all the time and were supervising and even helping the chefs in making the Biryani.

That day they fed almost 600 migrants.

If the heart filled with kindness, everyday is a festival.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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