Big dreams gave her a bigger home : Corona Chronicle #112

A lot of her friends had suggested her to visit India.

They had told her a lot about the beauty and the cultural heritage of India.

She had made up her mind to visit this place she heard about so much.

She came to India in March 2020 and soon after she landed, the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic was implemented. 

She had a plan to visit India and then Sri Lanka with her boyfriend but her boyfriend went back from Mumbai Airport and she decided to stay.

She was absolutely astonished by everything she saw here and never felt like going back.

To her staying in a small village was safer than the huge cities of the country.

She believes that if a person comes to India, it’s like they belong here.

She had a colleague in Udupi, Karntaka.

When she had come here, she didn’t know a word of any language from Indian culture but now she can speak a little Kannada.

She says that she is very happy that she stayed back in the village and not a city because she got to see the beauty of a village and she loved the people here.

Since the lockdown, she did not make a fuss about going home, instead learnt so many thing like harvesting peanuts, make corn and rangolis and even how to make a broom.

Her colleague and his family are the ones that she has been living with and learning these beautiful things from.

Before going back, she wants to visit Goa.

She belongs from Valencia City, Spain and her name is Tresna Soraino.

She is an industrial designer by profession.

Big dreams gave her a bigger home.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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