The question is, what killed the girl : heart attack or corona hysteria? : Corona Chronicle #083

She got on the bus with her mother from Noida.

They were going back to their house in Shikohabad.

She lived with her father and brother but they believed it would be safer for her to be with her mother during the corona chaos.

While they were on the bus, she fainted.

The reason must have been the heat and exhaustion.

The people on the bus started screaming and suspected that she was a COVID-19 patient and should be thrown out from the bus.

Because the people kept shouting, the conductor and the driver got convinced too and allegedly wrapped her in a blanket and threw her out of the bus near Mathura toll plaza.

After the whole scuffle and being thrown out from a bus, she suffered from a cardiac arrest and died.

A police complaint was filed but the police says that she was dropped off as normal passenger and there are no evidence of a scuffle at all.

A postmortem was also conducted and the cause of death was a heart attack which was a natural case.

The autopsy said that she had an enlarged heart which is the cause of a heart attack in early age.

When her brother got to know about the death of his beloved sister, he was in utter despair but he wanted justice for her.

She was completely fine when she boarded the bus and the only medical issue she had was kidney stone which had developed earlier.

Her brother went to the police station but they are not registering a FIR as they say her death was due to a natural cause.

There is a strong possibility that the inhumane act that took place was the reason that triggered her death.

Her name was Anshika and she was just 19 years old.

The question is, what killed the girl : heart attack or corona hysteria?

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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