Her brother could save her from everything but not corona : Corona Chronicle #113

She went to her brother’s house during the COVID-19 pandemic on Rakehabandhan, the festival to celebrate the love between brothers and sisters.

The festival of affection, fun and care that the siblings share.

She went to her brothers house and celebrated the festival with all the love they had for each other.

When she tied the rakhi, her brother gave her Rupees 500 as Neg (gift money).

She enjoyed the day with her brother and left for her house soon enough.

The police stopped them near Sanjaynagar Petrol Pump in Bareilly.

She was not wearing a mask and realised it as soon as the police officer stopped them.

The police had vigorous checking that day.

They were charging fines of Rupees 500 from each person who was not wearing a mask.

When they were stopped and given a ticket for not wearing a mask, her husband turned around and asked for the money from her.

She started pleading and begging the police officer to let it go.

She was almost emotional and she said that she will wear a mask just then.

She did everything in her power to not pay for the ticket but the police officer ordered her to pay.

She had tears in her eyes but took out the Rupees 500 note her brother gave her and handed it to the police officer.

She told the police officer, “bhai ne neg mein diya tha, voh bhi le liya” (my brother gave it to me as a blessing and you took that too).

She cursed corona and asked her husband to leave.

The policeman felt a little uncomfortable and sorry for her but he consoled himself saying that it is a small price to pay if she wants to save her life.

Her brother could save her from everything but not corona.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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