Santa Claus comes other than Christmas too : Corona Chronicle #094

He looked at his hotel cash counter and had a weird feeling.

Their restaurant would usually have huge crowds and during the summer season, there were huge amounts if tourists.

During the COVID-19 pandemic they had hit a bump in the road.

The restaurant was not even making half of what it would generally.

The things kept on getting worse and there was a point where he thought that they may not be able to reopen again.

The thought of not being able to reopen made him shudder and his eyes became moist.

One person came through the door to eat breakfast.

He was served properly and had his breakfast with a huge smile on his face.

He asked for the bill which was around $43 and paid it and went away casually.

The waitress that was serving him, went to the table to collect the money but instead sat on one of the chairs and started crying heavily.

Another staff member saw and started crying too.

They both called the restaurant owner and when he saw it, he started crying too.

There was a letter and $1000.

He gave a generous tip and the letter was even more heartwarming than the money.

The customer was a regular.

The letter said , ” Thank you so much for working through this tough time. We are grateful for your delicious food, warm smiles and great atmosphere… Please know we appreciate you all very much. It wouldn’t be a good summer without the Starving Artist.”

The name of their restaurant is The Starving Artist.

The money did not solve all their problems but it helped and gave them a morale boost.

The owner called all his 7 employees and split up the $1,000 between them, keeping nothing for himself.

The tip restored their hope in humanity and it made them feel good about what they are doing.

The tipper is still a mystery but his heartwarming act can never be forgotten.

Santa Claus comes other than Christmas too!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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