Dubai : the country of gold, heart of gold : Corona Chronicle #097

He was a construction worker in Dubai.

He had been there for a while and missed home terribly.

He wished to finish his work faster and return back to India.

However, fate took a bad turn for him.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world and shook it to its core.

Unfortunately, even he got infected by the virus and had to stay in Dubai.

He really wanted to come back home but he had to get himself treated first.

His colleagues admitted him in Dubai Hospital where he was treated.

Everyday, he asked his doctor, if he’s healthy enough to go home but the doctor had to crush his dreams everytime.

He was trying to his best to get recovered but that took him 80 days.

Finally, when the doctor told him that he is discharged, tears of happiness started rolling down his eyes.

He hugged the doctor in the excitement but his excitement was not to last for long.

The hospital gave him a bill of 7,62,555 Dirham (1.52 crore).

When he saw the bill, he was in shock and he knew he cannot pay that amount.

His ordeal was brought to notice of the Indian Consulate.

The Consulate was moved by the amount too and realised that his family cannot pay the huge amount.

They had never even dreamed of such money.

The Consulate wrote a letter to the hospital pleading them to waive off the charges on humanitarian grounds.

The hospital was very generous and considered their appeal.

They waived off his bill and the tears were back in his eyes.

Another man named Ashok Kotecha has booked tickets for him and his escort free of cost from Dubai to Hyderabad and paid Rupees 10,000 for their expenses too.

He had never been so happy.

This felt like heaven and this just perfectly restored his faith in humanity and in the good people do.

Dubai : the country of gold, heart of gold.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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