Alcoholism Transformed A Human Into A Demon : Corona Chronicle #051

He lived in Hyderabad on the construction site where he was working when the nationwide lockdown was announced.

He lost his job due to the same.

He wanted to go back to his village, Narsingbatla.

It was 120 kilometres away from Hyderabad.

Only his mother lived in the house in the village but she was bedridden.

She broke her hip bone almost five years ago when she fell in the bathroom and since then, was bedridden.

He had three sisters but they were married and were in different villages.

Him and sisters had hired a caregiver for their mother.

However, she stopped coming because she wasn’t getting paid.

His mother had to stay alone during the whole chaos in the world.

The neighbours left some food for his mother but refused to help any more because she couldn’t take care of her person hygiene.

He managed to reach home a few days after the lockdown was announced.

When he saw that neither the caregiver nor his sisters came to take care of his mother, he got annoyed.

He felt over burdened and was unable to bear the sight of his bedridden mother.

He again went to Hyderabad and thought that his duty was over.

He cut off all contact with his sisters and was just trying to escape the responsibility.

He was even building up pressure on his mother to sell the house so that their financial stability would be back.

When his mother did not listen, he asked his sisters to pressurize their mother.

He came back to the village again when Telangana government eased the restrictions.

He again tried to convince his mother to sell the house.

The next day, he poured kerosene over his mother and set her on fire when she was asleep.

A case was filed against him.

He was even having some marital issues as his wife ran away with his 2 year old during the lockdown.

He was drinking too much and alcoholism had taken over him.

His sisters don’t understand what made him take such a step, his mother denying to sell the house or his marital issues.

His name is Tirumala Lingaswami and is 45 years old.

His mother’s name is T Shantamma and was 65 years old.

Alcoholism transformed a human into a demon.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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