Case of ‘double jeopardy’ for mourning lives : Corona Chronicle #068

His family was sitting on the hospital bench waiting for the crematorium in charge.

They had been starving for the past 29 hours.

The bigger problem for the family was the loss of their beloved person.

They were in shock but were still somehow sitting in the crematorium.

He was detected positive for coronavirus and was even being treated for the same.

Unfortunately, he just couldn’t live through it.

He died on Monday and at around 11 AM according to the rules for death due to Corona, they brought his body to a electric crematorium.

The machine of the electric crematorium stopped working midway.

There was a technical glitch and his body was halfway burnt.

The charred remains of the body lay there for over 29 hours due to the same.

The rituals and customs of the family did not allow them to eat until the body is properly cremated.

The family members still sat outside with their stomachs aching due to hunger.

They starved for over a day.

The body was however, finally cremated on Wednesay afternoon.

He was a 58 year old businessman and belonged to Indirapuram.

Case of ‘double jeopardy’ for mourning lives.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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