A big heart can serve better than money : Corona Chronicle #038

He stands a little ahead in a corner after crossing the Dewas Toll Plaza.

He has been doing this for almost a week now.

He gives right directions to the migrant workers walking to their destination.

Everyday at 6 after his Namaz, he is standing there at a corner.

He goes home at around noon and comes back again at 4 in the evening to stay till midnight.

He asks these migrant workers who are going back hometown due to the coronavirus  lockdown and shows them the right direction.

According to him, these migrant workers do not know the right way and go around 50 to 100 kilometres in the wrong direction.

They have to travel back that much.

He is doing this just so that these migrant workers do not have to take extra efforts for nothing.

He has a bike and because he stands there, burning under the sun, he has a bottle of water with him.

He does not have a lot of money but what he has a big heart.

His name is Rafiq.

A person came to Rafiq that day from the wrong side on a bike.

A little far from the place, this person has a farm.

He saw Rafiq a few times and decided to do the best he could.

He distributes cucumber from his field to the police officers on duty.

The sun dehydrates them and so he think cucumbers can help them at least a little.

When he saw Rafiq continuously for a few days, he wanted to help him and he came to give him cucumbers too.

A big heart can serve better than money.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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